Urgent Eye Care

Eye Emergencies

These symptoms require evaluation or attention immediately.

  • Black spots or flashing lights in your vision
  • Appearance of a curtain coming down over your vision
  • Foreign body (something stuck in the eye)
  • Eye injuries (trauma, chemical splash)
  • Painful eye
  • Red, swollen, and/or crusty eyes
  • Sudden loss of vision in one or both eyes
  • Loss of peripheral vision (side vision)
  • Sudden onset blurry or wavy vision
  • New onset double vision
  • Contact lens lost or ripped in the eye

Proper Irrigation/Flushing technique

  • If you feel like something has gotten into the eye or eyes, immediately irrigate the eye with tap water or sterile saline.
    • If in a factory setting, seek out an eye wash station.
    • In settings where an eye wash station is not available, using sterile saline is best
      • Tip head back so that you are looking straight up at the ceiling
      • Look in the opposite direction of where you feel the object (If you feel like its under your upper lid, look down)
      • Administer solution in the nasal corner of the eye, as this will wash debris or chemicals away from tear drainage points
      • Aggressively administer solution. If you are concerned with getting your face or clothes wet, wear a towel/towels around your neck.
    • When saline is not readily available, use tap water and employ one of the following methods:
      • Pour water in a clean bowl, submerge your face, and open and rotate your eyes in a circular motion
      • Stand under a shower, hold the eyes open, and allow lukewarm water to run over them for a minimum of 5 minutes (15-20 for chemicals) or until the particles/foreign body has been flushed.
      • Using a kitchen sink, hold the eye open with two fingers, position face under the faucet and allow lukewarm water to run over the eye for a minimum of 5 minutes (15-20 for chemicals) or until the particles/foreign body has been flushed.

Other Tips

  • Do not try to remove an object that is imbedded/stuck in the eye. Avoid rubbing
  • If you have suffered an eye injury, cover the eye with a clean cloth, but try not to put any pressure on the eye.
  • If a foreign body has gotten into the eye, try to identify where the foreign body came from, if possible. This can help in determining a treatment plan.
  • If one or both eyes are “pink,” avoid rubbing your eyes and make sure you wash your hands often until it is determined whether or not your condition is contagious
  • Be proactive! Avoid future eye injuries by investing in quality eye protection.


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If you are experiencing an eye emergency or urgent eye care issue, please call 248-369-3300 or send us a message below. We are available 24/7 to address any of these time sensitive issues. See below for more information on eye emergencies. If there is a life-threatening condition, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.